How to Change the Battery in the Nissan Key Fob

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If your Nissan key battery is getting harder and harder to use in Danville, or your Nissan Rogue key fob has stopped working altogether in Reidsville, NC, it may be time for a replacement. Armed with just a small flathead screwdriver and one 3-volt battery, Gunter Nissan of Martinsville is going to show you how open the Nissan key fob and how to replace your Nissan key fob battery in 6 easy steps below.


  1. Release and remove the metal key. On the back of the key fob close to where the key ring is located, there is a small switch or button. Slide the switch and a metal key should pop out for removal. You can use this key in any event that the key fob battery dies.
  2. Pop open the key fob. Where the metal key used to be, you should be able to see a small notch or opening. Use a small flathead screwdriver in the notch to gently pop open the two halves of the fob. Stop by Gunter Nissan of Martinsville so we can show you how to open the Nissan key fob.
  3. Remove the battery. When you look inside both halves of the key fob, you should see a green circuit board in one half and the battery socket in the other half. Pop out the battery–using the flathead screwdriver helps if you are having difficulty.
  4. Install the new battery. Most automotive key fobs use a 3V battery, but you can always contact your Martinsville-area Nissan parts center to double check. Insert the battery with the “+” sign facing down into the battery socket.
  5. Reassemble the key fob. Line up the two halves of the key fob carefully and pop them back together so that they snap into place. Double check the seams to make sure everything is properly aligned. Then, re-insert the metal key into its slot.
  6. Test the fob. Stand near your vehicle and activate the buttons on the fob to ensure the battery replacement was a success. If for some reason you are still having issues, double check that the battery was installed correctly by going over the steps above, or contact your local Nissan service center and they will be happy to assist.

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Reach out to us in the Martinsville area to find out more about Nissan features like NissanConnect technology, or Nissan Warranty details! Be sure to check out our tips for how to program a Nissan Intelligent Keyhow to deal with a leaky car battery or a serpentine belt replacement, and take advantage of our expertise to find out how to change your Nissan key battery.

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