Should I Buy or Lease?

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If you’ve found your favorite new Nissan, and now you’re asking yourself, “should I buy or lease?” Both of these finance options have their advantages, and your decision will ultimately be determined by your lifestyle, budget, and driving needs in Martinsville. Our team at Gunter Nissan of Martinsville will discuss the perks of both signing on a lease vs. buying so you can better see which option is optimal for you!

Why Opt for a Lease vs. Buying

Leasing is popular among many Danville drivers for several reasons. Enjoy the following benefits of choosing an Nissan lease vs. buying a new vehicle. 

  • Low monthly payments – If you’re working with a tight budget, leasing is a great option, because the payments are typically lower than loan payments. 
  • Stress-free maintenance. Leasing a vehicle comes with great warranty coverage. If you need repairs or routine maintenance, simply schedule service at Gunter Nissan of Martinsville.
  • Simple trade-in. At the conclusion of your lease term, simply bring the vehicle back and trade it in for your next new Nissan model.
  • Enjoy the latest features. Simple trade-ins also mean staying in the latest models with the most advanced features.

Lease vs. Buying: Why Buy

When you want to upgrade your Roanoke drives, choosing to buy your next car has its own perks for you to enjoy. When you buy vs. lease your new vehicle, you’ll enjoy: 

  • You’re building equity.  When you buy your vehicle, it’s yours, meaning its value is considered an asset. Leasing means you do not technically own the vehicle. 
  • Ability to customize. With total ownership of the vehicle, you can personalize it as you please. Outfit it with accessories, new parts, or add stylistic flair— your choice. 
  • No mileage limits. Lease benefits only apply if you stay within your predetermined mileage limits. Buy your vehicle and rack up miles around and far beyond Norfolk with no penalty. If long hauls are in your future, buying is your best bet. 
  • Resell at your convenience. Whenever you’re ready to sell, you can.

Get Financing Advice From Gunter Nissan of Martinsville 

Our Gunter Nissan of Martinsville finance team is here to guide you through questioning, “should I buy or lease?” Don’t hesitate to contact us online if you have any questions about how we can help you take home the car you need whether you want to buy or lease.

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