Value Your Trade

How Much Is My Trade-In Car Worth?

Looking to upgrade your ride? The first step you should take is figuring out what is the estimated value of your current car. While the process on how to trade in your car is straightforward, you will need to know how much your car is worth, so you can ensure you are getting at least a fair, if not the best, deal in the Roanoke area. Use our tool to find out! Read on to see how you can use our tool. 

How to Use This Trade-In Tool?

Our trade-in tool is free, online, and easy to use. Perfect for any Martinsville drivers, this tool is a must in the process. Follow these two simple steps to use it:

  1. Enter the year, make, model, and trim of the trade-in car.
  2. Then, enter some personal information for contact purposes.


After these steps, you should receive a report on your car. This whole process can take around 10 seconds!

How to Trade In My Car Near Danville 

Trading in your car is a very similar process to selling your car to a dealership. The main difference is that when you are strictly selling your car, you aren’t buying another vehicle from the dealership. However, at Gunter Nissan of Martinsville, you can either trade in for an upgrade or sell your car! See the steps on how to trade in your car below:

  1. Find the estimated value of your car if you haven’t used our handy tool already.
  2. Shop for a new or pre-owned model that you want as your next car. You can also use our vehicle finder service if it is not in our inventory. You can skip this step if you already know which car you want. 
  3. Bring your car to your local dealership along with essential items, such as the title, registration, and key. 
  4. The dealership will inspect your car and give you an official offer.
  5. Finally, you can accept or negotiate the offer.  


Upgrade Your Vehicle at Gunter Nissan of Martinsville 

Take your trade-in car to our Ridgeway location and we will get you into a better car for your commutes! Have questions for us? Contact us now! If you need finance guidance, turn to our finance experts.